At Rainwater Tanks Direct we source rainwater tanks from many manufacturers. From slimline water tanks to large rural rainwater tanks, we can supply a large range of tanks to suit almost everyone’s requirements. Some of our main suppliers are National Poly, Supatank, Tankmasta, Nylex,  Rotadyne, Tanks Direct, Supatank, Team Poly, EcoSac, Poly Water Tanks, Kingspan, Rotoplas, Aquarius, Rotoplus and Clark tanks. If we don’t seem to have your preferred brand, let us know as not all tanks are listed on our website.

Rainwater tank prices not only vary from supplier to supplier, but also from location to location. Australia’s wide open spaces can make tank delivery very expensive indeed, so in order to reduce the delivery price for you, we try to source tanks from all over Australia. Some cheap rainwater tank suppliers are in the market, but if the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is! If you find a really cheap rainwater tank supplier there are a few questions you should ask before you buy a tank from them. The most important question you should ask is, is the tank made in Australia to Australian Standards? Secondly, you need to ask about the warranty. Make sure you understand the warranty conditions. Most quality manufacturers warrant their tanks for extended periods: 10-15 years for a poly slimline tank or small round poly tank, 15-25 years for a round poly above ground tank, up to 30 years for steel and concrete tanks. A fully certified tank may be more expensive but you are guaranteed it has been made to meet Australian Standards, will be durable for the warranty period and will provide safe, quality storage for your precious rainwater. Other quality manufacturers on our website might not have gone through the expensive and time-consuming process of obtaining full certification (similar to the Heart Foundations “tick”), but they are still quality tanks made in Australia. Rainwater Tanks Direct only sources product from quality Australian manufacturers.

Rainwater Tanks Direct supplies a large range of quality tanks at very competitive prices. Whoever your tank manufacturer, provided it is a quality Australian-manufactured tank, you can rest assured that your investment in rainwater harvesting will pay you back in terms of saving water, convenience, freedom from water restrictions and climatic conditions for many years to come. Finding the right rainwater tank supplier or manufacturer is as easy as browsing through our online catalogue. There you will find a wide choice of tank manufacturers, and tank sizes, colours and availability. Always check the monthly specials and call us if you have any questions.

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