Rainwater tank prices can vary from supplier to supplier and delivery area will also affect the price of  rainwater tanks. Some cheap rainwater tanks are available on the market but if the price seems too good to be true then it probably is. If you find a really cheap price on a rainwater tank there are a few questions you should ask before you proceed. Number one question you need to ask – is the rainwater tank Australian made? There are some imported rainwater tanks on the market at the moment and many of them do not comply with Australian standards. So to be sure you are getting a quality Australian made rainwater tank ask who the manufacturer is and then look them up in Google. Then find out if the tanks are built and/or certified to current Australian Standards. Check with your local Council or organisations like the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia, as these bodies often have links to useful information. Do your homework to ensure you get what you pay for.

Rainwater Tanks Direct supply a large range of tanks from different quality Australian manufacturers at competitive prices. Whatever your rainwater tank costs, you can rest assured that your investment will pay you back with years of great service. Finding a rainwater tank price to suit your budget is as easy as checking through our online catalogue found in our Rainwater Tanks tab at the top of the home page. There you will find all the water tanks: dimensions, colours and prices to help make your decision easy. Choose a tank, if possible, where delivery is included in the price on our website, otherwise you may be paying more for delivery than you need to. All the prices are on the rainwater tank pages and make sure to visit our website for monthly specials and bargains. Naturally prices may be cheaper in or near large cities than in sparsely populated country areas, although Rainwater Tanks Direct does source tanks from manufacturers conveniently located in rural areas for our country customers.

If you need special fittings on your tank, such as a Storz (fire-fighting) fitting on your steel tank,  or extra fittings on your poly tank or need the poly tank to be a higher SG (Specific Gravity) because it is for liquids other than rainwater, all these can add to the price of your tank. Underground concrete tanks too have other options, such as a specially constructed lid for installation under a driveway, which can add to the price of a tank. Consider the tank’s purpose or location. Talk to your plumber or a hydraulic engineer if necessary to make sure your tank is fit for both purpose and location. Tanks in difficult locations may require hiring a crane to lift them into place, or removal and reconstruction of fences or walls to provide access to the tank.

Although all our tanks are manufactured in Australia, tank prices are affected by global conditions too. As an example, when the price of oil rises, the price of polyethylene resin to manufacture poly tanks also eventually rises as it is no longer economical to manufacture resin in Australia and must be imported; fuel and therefore delivery charges must increase as well as energy costs for manufacturers.

To protect your valuable asset and the money you have spent buying your water tank, it is essential to install the rainwater tank according to manufacturers’ instructions. The base of your water tank must be fully supported at all times. You must inspect your base regularly to ensure the base is not being washed away and insects or ,animals are not undermining the base.

If you get a cheaper quoted price on your rain water tank let us know and if we can beat it, we will.

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