Rainwater Tanks Direct supply a large range of rainwater tanks for Melbourne to suit all of your rainwater collecting needs. Available in a large range of shapes and sizes, rainwater tanks in Melbourne are fast becoming a regular inclusion in the family home. Whether you need compact slimline rainwater tank for the side of your house or just want to beat the drought and water restrictions and water your dried up lawn, Rainwater tanks direct can supply you with the right advice for your rainwater harvesting needs.


We supply rainwater tanks from most of the major manufactures available for delivery to all areas of MELBOURNE. Due to the drought many of our tank sales are now coming from Melbourne. Some of the top brands we supply are National Poly Industries, Team Poly and Tankmasta. These rainwater tank manufactures supply a huge range of rainwater tanks in MELBOURNE from small urban rainwater tanks for the inner city and domestic market to large rural rainwater tanks from 15,000 litres to 45,000 litres for the farming community. They also do a stylish range of slimline rainwater tanks and underground rainwater tanks for delivery in Melbourne. We also have a good range of bladder rainwater tanks for people with limited space or just want their rainwater storage under the house out of the way. Several other brands of rainwater tanks we supply to MELBOURNE are Poly Rainwater tanks, SUPATANK. These rainwater tank manufactures supply a large range of smaller rainwater tanks from traditional round ones to the compact slimline rainwater tanks. All are available in many colours and in most cases available for delivery in 1 to 3 weeks. Stainless steel rainwater tanks are also becoming a popular choice especially around the coastal areas and with new developments where the use of stainless steel has been used in the construction of the building. Rainwater tanks in Melbourne are in hot demand at the moment due to the continuing drought and strict water restrictions placed by the Government. Take advantage of the generous rainwater tank rebates and install your rainwater tank today. With the benefit of the rebate you can dramatically reduce the cost of installing your rainwater tank and start saving money now.


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