Water in Australia is something that a lot of us take for granted. In the city it’s as easy as turning on the tap and out comes the water, but for our rural Australians the humble rainwater storage tank is the life blood of existence.

Rainwater Tanks in Australia

 A Heritage steel panel tank installed in rural NSW

Most Australians would be aware that we live in the driest populated continent in the world, but until recently rainwater tanks in Australia haven’t been a common site in the urban garden. Rainwater tanks are able to store large volumes of rainwater for use in your garden and home in these times of water restrictions. Poly rainwater tanks differ in size and capacity, ranging from small tanks holding one hundred litres to large rural water tanks greater than 50,000 litres. Underground concrete tanks can store up to 25,000 litres. Aquaplate steel tanks can store around 40,000 litres and steel panel tanks up to 375,000 litres. Popular manufacturers of rainwater tanks in Australia include Clark, Graf Plastics, Heritage, Kingspan, National Poly, Statewide, Sydney Water Tanks, Tankmasta, Team Poly and Poly Water Tanks.  Rainwater Tanks Direct can supply all these tanks and more, depending on your location. Rainwater tanks in Australia are being used more and more to store water in the urban and inner city markets as a means of supplying water for non-essential usage including maintaining gardens, car and boat washing. Rainwater tanks are fast becoming a standard inclusion on all new homes being built in Australia and many companies and organizations are now buying rain water storage tanks for their commercial requirements too. Rainwater tanks can vary in shape and size, from the standard round tank to the new slimline water tanks, or even the decorative shapes created by Graf Plastics. Also available are rectangular under deck rainwater tanks and under house bladder style tanks. All these styles of water tank storage systems can hold anywhere from a couple of hundred litres of water to hundreds of thousands of litres. Rainwater Tanks Direct supplies rainwater tanks Australia wide.

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