Rain water tanks in Gold Coast have become a very popular addition to the family home. with the ever increasing water restrictions now imposed by local and state governments and the rainwater tank rebates, rainwater tanks are now being installed Gold Coast and south east Queensland providing a boom in the plastics and plumbing industries alike. Now that development rules have changed, all new homes built and in some cases renovations, are now required to include a rainwater tank in the development plans.

We supply a large range of smaller rainwater tanks from traditional round ones to stylish slimline rainwater tanks to the Gold Coast market. There are many colours to choose from and in most cases can be delivered in 1 to 3 weeks. Rainwater tanks in Queensland and Gold Coast are hot item at the moment due to the drought and shrinking dam levels, not to mention strict water restrictions imposed by local authorities. Installing an rainwater tank in your Gold Coast home will help you beat the drought and provide you with water when you want it to do what you want with, no more nosy neighbour issues. Much of Queensland is still experiencing drought so when choosing a rainwater tank on the Gold Coast a few things need to be considered. What you are going to connect to the rainwater tank will determine how large the tank needs to be. If you only want to water a few pot plants a tank of 500 to 1000 litres would suffice, but if you want to wash cars, flush toilets and irrigate gardens and lawns then a tank of 5000 litres or more will need to be installed. The general rule of thumb is to get the biggest tank you can fit into the space. If you are totally reliant on rainwater for all of you water usage you may require several rainwater storage tanks to service your needs. When large volumes are required, it’ best to do your sums to work out the most cost effective way to get the most water for your dollar. Many suburban home owners in Gold Coast are using the slimline rainwater tank as their first choice because of the compact design of the tank. Slimline tanks come in many shapes and sizes and are available in Poly, Stainless Steel and Steel. Some of the brands of slimline tank we supply to Gold Coast are from Poly Water Tanks, SupaTank,Precision Poly and National Poly. All are available in many colours and can be delivered fast to your home or bussiness.

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