Rainwater Tanks Direct supply a large range of rain water tanks available for delivery in New South Wales to suit all of your rainwater harvesting requirements.  We supply rainwater storage tanks from most of the major  rainwater tank manufactures. Some of the top brands are National Poly Industries ,Tankmasta, Team Poly, Poly Water Tanks, Eco Sac and  Tankworks. These rainwater tanks manufactures supply a large range of rainwater collection tanks in NSW from small urban rainwater tanks from 200 litres to 14,000 litres and rural rainwater tanks from 14,000 litres to 45,000 litres. They also do a range of slim line rain water tanks and underground rain water tanks for delivery to most parts of NSW.

Much of rural NSW is still experiencing drought so when choosing a large rural rainwater tank in NSW a few things need to be considered. If you are totally reliant on rainwater for all of you water usage you may require several rainwater storage tanks to service your needs. When large volumes are required, it’ best to do your sums to work out the most cost effective way to get the most water for your dollar. In most cases it is more cost effective to buy several smaller water tanks than one large one. Once you get over the 30,000 litre size tank the cost of the tanks rise considerably. This is due to the increase in transport and labour costs associated with very large tank production. For example most rainwater tank manufactures can deliver up to four 20,000 litre to 25,000 litre water  tanks in one load. This means the transport expenses are shared by the four water tanks, but with rain water tanks over 30,000 litres it’s a whole totally different story.  Transport requirements in most states won’t allow rainwater tanks over 30,000 litres to be delivered with other storage tanks on the same load, also they are so large that they require special support vehicle to lead and follow the transport truck which itself adds to the costs of delivering the water tank.

Several other brands of water tanks in NSW we supply are SUPATANK, and Precision Poly. All of these water tanks manufactures supply a large range of smaller rainwater tanks from round ones to the compact slimline rainwater tanks. All are available in many colours and in most cases available for delivery in 1 to 3 weeks.

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