Rainwater Tanks Direct can supply you with all of your rainwater tank needs in Adelaide. We supply several brands to Adelaide including Tankmasta, Team Poly, Compass, Heritage and Nylex. As South Australia has faced drier times of late, rainwater tanks in Adelaide have become increasingly popular especially now that the Government has introduced generous rebates. With Adelaide one of the driest capital cities in Australia it makes good sense to install a rainwater tanks at your home or business. With many business faced with not being able to wash their service vehicles due to water restrictions, installing a rainwater tank at work is a great idea to keep your fleet clean and presentable to your customers. Home owners in Adelaide can benefit from owning a rainwater tank by being able to maintain their much loved gardens and to use in flushing toilets, washing clothes and filling pools. Catching and storing rain water is great for the environment and saves you money. By using and installing a rainwater tank system to supply water for some, or all of your household requirements, you can reduce your dependence on Adelaide’s mains water supply. SA water supplies are shrinking and strict water restrictions are in place in many areas to reduce our overall water usage and protect our supplies. If collecting rain water in your Adelaide home interests you check out our web site for many ways to harvest rainwater today. Rainwater Tanks Direct is dedicated to providing you with real alternatives to store water and has many rainwater accessories to complement your water tank purchase.

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