Rain water system harvesting refers to the harvesting or storage of rainwater for later use. The technique involves a storage tank to and from where the surface rain water is routed. The idea is to capture the rain water above the ground or underground and filter it for use later. The rain water system harvesting can be applied in the rural areas and in the congested, over-paved metropolitan cities.

The need to address the harvesting of rain water has grown in recent years because of the effect that global warming has had on the average rainfall in many areas and the growing world population. There are many methods now in use to capture the rain water, but the underlying technique remains – storage. The roof rainwater collection method is being successfully applied in urban areas and all that the technique takes is a re-oriented plumbing design.

The idea is to collect all the rainwater from the roof and ground level areas around a single dwelling or complex and direct the flow, with the help of a pipe or furrow into the storage tank, barrel or cistern. The rain water system harvesting technique routes the rain water via closed PVC pipes and directs it into a storage tank that is fitted with filters to keep away contaminants from debris and sediments. The cost of a rain water system harvesting for collecting rain water fro later used is based on the material used and the capacity of storage opted for.

The cost would also naturally increase according to the distance from the installation to the faucets. The rain water system harvesting takes care of the water requirements during the dry summer months if used with discretion and limitation. Another very important consideration to look into is the average rainfall received in the area of installation. The rain water system harvesting technique helps to provide water for domestic needs such as washing and cleaning and even industrial requirements.

The installation of a rain water system harvesting technique creates a lot of awareness within the community and the subsequent availability sourced from the rain water system harvesting technique in a way educates members of the society. The rain water storage systems are marketed within a special market segment and the harvesting techniques are designed and engineered by professionals with years of experience. The technique enables home owners and industries to successfully deal with water scarcity and the resultant damage.

Even in areas with plenty of water supply, the stored rain water helps maintain lawns and gardens, without pressurizing the available piped municipal supply. The manufacturers and retailers who supply the rain water harvesting systems also provide individual customers and societies with after sales support, regular cleaning and servicing and a 24×7 access to free consultation with experts are the customer service desks. The rain water system harvesting is an age old technique that people have been using since biblical times. The same underlining technique is only customized to serve the needs of modern man for the retaining of the precious resource – rain.

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