Rain water is a valuable natural resource that is completely renewable, but on account of the growing world populace is unable to provide for the needs for domestic and industrial facilities. The natural way that rain water from the surface gets trapped, stored and made available for use again is within the water table below the surface. However, with the number of well and tube well projects on the rise, especially in the arid areas, the surface run off water needs to be efficiently handled to be put to use at a later time. For this very purpose rain water harvesting systems are being designed and manufactured and installed by many people and organizations around the world.

The rainwater can be harvested via systems that address the discharge of stagnant water from roof tops or unpaved areas or even drains designed to channelize the water. Buildings with impervious roofs are perfect as catchment areas that are not only easily accessible to install the rain water harvesting systems effectively, but also reduce the cost factor. Also, such a rain water harvesting system makes free water available at the point of consumption. In the case of hollows in landscapes and fields or any other open area, the stagnant rain water can be effectively channelized and used at a later time, if not for direct consumption, then at lease for purposes such as washing and other domestic and industrial requirements.

The rain water harvesting systems are basically used to harvest the runoff rain water and the main advantage in using such a system is that the rain water can be sourced from a larger area. This makes the investment in a harvesting system advantageous, especially in areas with low rainfall. Depending on the terrain, the potential of lakes and ponds to store rainwater differs and if stored wisely, then the same water can be redirected into the synthetic tanks or barrels and redirected for future use. The rain water harvesting systems are also credited with recharging groundwater aquifers.

Most societies all over the world are now installing rain water harvesting systems to ensure the best use of this natural resource that is also very vital to life. The systems are very successful in catchment areas fitted with a proper network of water drains and can be maintained easily and regularly since the installation itself allows access within the tank and around it for proper filtration and providing simple and cost effective means for harvesting rainwater.

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