A rain water collection tank is storage to keep water collected from precipitation during the monsoons. The storage is also referred to as a barrel, cistern or water butt or by any other name. The function is the same – rain water collection. The tank is used to collect and store rain water from surface areas like the tops of roofs and hollows, natural or otherwise. The rain water collection tank is a designed device used for collecting rain water that could be put to use at a later day.

The maintaining of harvested rain is generating an awareness that is spreading across the world and rightly so, on account of the surface run off of this precious necessity. The rain water collection tank stores water that could be used for domestic and industrial purposes. The rainwater tanks are installed easily and help a lot to source water during the summer months when most places face a water shortage. This is not only a fulfilling exercise and investment, but also reduces the use of the regular municipal water supply to the homes and industries and thus affects society at large.

The self sufficiency that comes in with the installation of a rain water collection tank is not comparable to anything else. The rain water collection tank is used to store water during the rainy season for use during the rest of the year and the tanks are designed for such retention and release. The stored rain water in the rain water collection tank can be used for lawn maintenance, washing, agriculture and many a times, even drinking, if the primary collection area is from a clean space, where the water is not contaminated. However, the rainwater tank used for drinking water would increase the initial cost due to the special internal and external fittings, but there is not a doubt that the investment is real value for the money spent.

The occasional maintenance of the rain water collection tank is offered by both, the local municipal department and the manufacturers and retailers themselves. Homes and industrial sites around the world now use small and large scale rain water collection tanks and barrels to harvest different volumes of rain water for landscaping and industrial applications at a later time. The rain water collection tanks are made from food grade material and are perfectly safe to install and use and very often, considering the extent of use later, they are even inexpensive.

The tanks are engineered by professionals to keep most impurities at bay in stage one and even screen the facility for mosquitoes. The tested filtering and closed loop systems within the rain water collection tanks make them worth the investment. The widespread use of rain water collection tanks has kept in check the amount of rainwater draining into streams and has thus helped to prevent erosion and sedimentation. The rain water collection tanks make it possible for each one of us to address the direction of rain water into areas desired for maximum use and diverted the same internally or externally. This also helps to stabilize the flow of surface water into rivers, lakes and ponds.

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