Pressure Water Pumps are available in wide range of variety. No, power washing system can survive without a good pressure water pump as that is the most important component of the system. Pressure water pumps can be broadly classified as direct driven, belt driven and gear driven pumps. The functionality of a gear driven pump and the direct pump is nearly the same except that gearbox version comes with gears which help you to fine-tune the ratio in order to fit the existing motor. The motor may be powered by electricity or gas but that does not make a difference. The two most important parameters associated with the pressure water pumps are the flow rate of the pump and the rated pressure of the pump. So, the pressure with which the water would flow through the nozzle would depend on the above mentioned parameters. So, while purchasing a pressure water pump you must pay attention to the above mentioned parameters.

The above mentioned parameters are also very important from the point of view of the power washing system as they help in determining the speed at which the cleaning job would be carried out. Faster execution of the job would require lot of water at good flow rate. The requirements of different applications is different, therefore before purchasing a pump you must carefully analyze your requirement. It is important to select a pump that would fit well in line with your requirement.

In case of direct drive water pumps, the pump is directly mounted on the engine so you would notice that a shaft would be directly connected in order to control the operation of the pump. The direct drive pressure water pumps are cheaper in cost and can be installed easily without any hassle. However there is one disadvantage of this system and it is the fact that direct drive pressure water pumps are prone thermal wear and tear and these pumps can be a noisy and may also vibrate a lot.

A belt driven pressure water pump is definitely much more expensive than the direct driven version. It is comparatively much more difficult to install because as there are more components that are required to be assembled. Another issue with belt driven version of pressure water tanks is that the belt often requires a replacement but still there are many advantages of installing this type of pressure water pump. These pumps do not create any noise while operating. The vibrations too are very less at the time when the pump is operating. The engines of these pumps last long as compared to direct driven pressure water pumps and the efficiency and productivity of these pumps is also good.

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