Summer is considered to be the best time to convert the available backyard space in your home into a garden that you can fill with vegetables that will surely help in improving your physical health or flowers that will aid in mental relaxation. One of the things that can ensure the creation of this garden filled with flowers and/or vegetables is the installation of a rainwater tank that’s suitable for this purpose. Underground water tanks are, so far, considered the most suitable. However, slimline tanks are also a decent option, considering that their profiles allow for ease of setup against walls or fences, and they come in many different colours to match your house’s colour.


Another way to ensure the creation of a garden filled with different plant variants is by fully maximising available yard space in your property, and there are many different ways to go about this endeavour.


Raised garden beds

If concrete slabs dominate your yard, a number of raised garden beds should be an amazing way to raise healthy plants that should bring more life to your household. Raised beds can be purchased or made, and if you’ve decided to make your own raised bed, make sure you know how to use tools and can acquire scrap wood slabs.


Vertical thinking

There are many amazing climbers that you can plant on trellises. Popular choices include the Madagascar jasmine, golden trumpet vine, and bougainvillea. These produce beautiful flowers that will surely inject colour into the backyard.


Optimise spacing between the garden beds

Place plants 18-25 inches apart so that you can walk between plants when watering them. Widen paths if you expect to be passing between plants with wheelbarrow in front of you.


In the same vein, you should also optimise the spacing between the plants, and, if possible, place crops closer. Indeterminate cherry tomatoes consume one square foot of space when they are trimmed on occasion.


Choose herbs

Herbs and spices are easy to raise and do not require a lot of space. They can thrive in the hot Australian summer season, provided adequate hydration is provided, and they can be grown in garden beds or pots. Hanging planters are, however, the best space-saving option, as it allows the ground below to be used to grow other plants, if you have no plan to use it as a space where kids can play.


Succession planting

Succession planting allows for continuous production in a garden. To do this, you can, for example, plant Swiss chard or kale once tomatoes have been harvested.



Inter-planting involves planting two different plants in the same bed. Radishes and sunchokes are two plants you can place together in a single bed. By the time radishes are ready for harvest, the sunchokes are still too small to overshadow the radishes.


Use all space available, and grow plants in the shade if you can

Not all plants need sunlight to grow. Leafy greens, rhubarb, mushrooms, and other plants can be grown in partly shaded areas.


Grow food in the front yard

By growing food in the front yard, the yard space can be used for growing other plants you want to grow. It also turns your place into a green paradise.