Keep Your Tank From Overflowing With An Automatic Water Level  Controller

Water tank plays an important role in rainwater harvesting because it serves as the container to where the collected rainwater from your catchment area will be stored. Water tank are enclosed container which can be an advantage in making sure that water inside is free from contaminants that can pollute the water which is a good thing, however, water tank that is fully closed can lead to overflow problems because there’s no way you will know the water level inside your water tank unless you open it and manually check the water level which is a hassle thing to do. Heavy downpour of rain means a vast amount of water will be stored in your water tank though it is a good thing to gather a large amount of water because this would mean there’s a lot of water you can use for the future, however, the water capacity that a water tank can hold has its limitations regardless of whether it is a large tank or a small tank. The water that can be stored in your water tank depends on the water capacity of your water tank. For example, you purchased a small tank that has a water capacity of 5000 liters then the water will be stored should not exceed more than 5000 liters.

Overflow issue is a common problem in installing water tank especially if there’s no overflow control installed. There are factors that might be a cause of overflow issues in a water tank like the incoming water in a water tank is not in ratio. There is a fast flow of water due to several pipes transporting water in your water tank that allows your water tank to fill faster especially when there is a heavy downpour of rain. The more pipes connected the faster the water tank will be filled, this might be good but it will cause an overflow in your water tank. The number of pipes in your water tank should complement the water tank size and the size of the catchment area to avoid excess water flowing in your water tank.

In addition, there is the best way in solving overflowing water tank by installing automatic water level controller because this helps in regulating the flow of water in your water tank and it optimizes the performance of the rainwater harvesting system. Automatic water level controller is efficient to use because this device controls the pump motor automatically. When the water level in your water tank is low then it will switch the motor on while if the water level is higher than the fixed level then it will switch the motor off.

There are advantages in installing the automatic water level controller in your water tank like it maximizes the usage of the water in your water tank because it maintains the water level that provides you water to use anytime when only it is needed. For enclose water tank, installing this is very convenient because there’s no need for a manual monitoring of the water level in your tank because the device can perform the task automatically which is favorable for a busy homeowner. On top of that, overflow issues in your water tank will be solved since it allows the appropriate level of your water at all times.