When there’s not enough space in your property, and there seems to be no way for your lawn to look less boring, an abundant street-side garden can be established. This is possible not only by following the same rules which apply to establishing the usual house garden, such as growing rich shrubs, standout foliage, and leafy trees, but also by taking the following ideas into consideration. 

Year-Long Appeal With Flower Beds

Whether it’s because of negative press concerning traditional turf grass, which sucks up a lot of water and requires a lot of chemicals to grow, or because of the immense praise that community gardens get, more homeowners are exchanging their front lawns with flower beds. This particular trend is most noticeable in the city and suburbs, where foot traffic can be a source of encouragement.

Year-Long Appeal With an Evergreen Palette

One of the best approaches when it comes to the goal of making your street-side space look friendly and welcoming is making it burst with shrubs, flowers, edibles, and even ornamental trees. And to ensure that this space looks welcoming and friendly all year long, evergreens must be planted there. Grass must be avoided, and the space must be filled with personal touches, especially quirky garden art and quirky fences. 

Year-Long Appeal With Hydrangea

A beautiful garden usually raises questions, such as the amount of time a homeowner spends tending to the garden. Fortunately, it is possible to maintain a garden for only half an hour in mornings, with your only activities being pulling and deadheading, in addition to watering the garden with rain that was stored in a small water tank. The only things you need to do are: choosing low-maintenance plants and making shrubs central to garden design. 

Gardening Under the Sun With Tropical Foliage

If you’re looking to build a garden that takes advantage of the natural sunlight in your area, know that one of your best bets would be to have tropical foliage set up at the desired spot or most appropriate spot. 

Other Practical Picks for a Garden that Takes Advantage of Natural Sunlight

Slow growers, such as boxwood and Japanese maple, are also considered as practical picks for a small garden which takes advantage of any natural sunlight. 

Bold Foliage in Layers

Shades of green set up in multiple layers makes for a design that’s subtle, yet still exuberant. If you’re looking to make the design more complex, however, select different plants with leaves and features that have varying shapes, sizes, and patterns. Focus on colour is not necessary with either approach.

Creating an Eye-Catching Display With Bold Foliage

The contrast between relaxing and vibrant colours is one approach that makes for an eye-catching display. One way you can achieve this contrast is by setting up a lot of greens, followed by a lesser number of flowers or plants with vibrant colours. And whilst you are setting up your contrast-rich garden, you may add contrast between plants that share the same colour by incorporating plants with a lighter shade of pink together with plants that have a darker shade of pink, for example. 

A Riot of Multiple Colours

While it is true that gardens look great when a certain colour scheme is followed, this does not mean that you really have to stick to one colour scheme or another. A fearless, riotous display of colourful plants can work to bring life to a garden by providing it a more stimulating appearance. This is, of course, provided that the chosen plants are grouped together and have the same light, water, soil, and shade requirements.