Grundfos is the leading manufacturer of pumps; it is the largest pump manufacturing company in the world. More than 50% of the pumps available in the market have been produce by Grundfos. Grundfos has been ruling the industry for more than six decades. No other pump manufacturing company is even close Grundfos as far as production of pumps is concerned.

Grundfos has been providing good quality pumping solutions for water utilities across the world. The company has established offices and manufacturing units in more than forty countries. Thousands of people have been employed by the company worldwide. Grundfos supply all kind of pumping solutions; you can trust Grundfos for all kinds of applications such as intake, treatment and transportation of drinking water and grey water.

This Danish company has a history of acquiring other pump manufacturing companies in the past. It acquired a German company by the name of Alldos in 2005 and Hilge was acquired in 2006. While Hilge mainly produced pumps for sterile applications, Alldos was a very strong provider of dosing pumps and disinfection equipment. By acquiring these companies Grundfos proved that they are the unparalleled leaders in world of pump manufacturing.

The demand for Grundfos pumps is on constant rise as a result the company produces more than 12 million pump units every year which is a great accomplishment. The company also manufactures the electric motors for the pumps.

Grundfos is the brainchild of Poul Due Jensen who established the company in Bjerringbro in the year 1945. The company got its present name in the year 1967. Pumps are manufactured for the purpose of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. The company has been manufacturing pumps to meet the requirements of residential, commercial, industrial and environmental establishments. The company also manufactures pumps for the purpose of municipal water supply and waste water and sewage applications.

The company lays a lot of emphasis on Research and development and that explain why the company is able to produce such good quality pumps. Grundfos has always focused on providing global services. It has been successful in providing good quality customer service all across the world including remote areas across the globe which is truly amazing. The company has structured the local businesses so well that immediate service can be provided to its customers at any part of the world at any time.

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