Freeze-Proof Plants for a Garden Sustained by Small Water Tank

Freeze-proof plants are amazing additions to your garden since they are a step above frost-tolerant plants. While the latter will look a little frost-bitten (and still survive) after one or two days of temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius and the frost that comes with it, the former type of plants are capable of surviving many days of temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius as well as the snow and frost that come with it.

Here are some good examples of freeze-proof plants you can incorporate in a garden supported by a small rainwater tank:

Agapanthus Purple Cloud

This plant is a large and beautifully-structured agapanthus variety with stunning flowers on tall spikes. These flowers are coloured amethyst.

Choose this plant if you are looking to create a border for a cottage or formal style garden, or if you’re looking to use large containers in your garden. The plant prefers part shade to full sun, and must be planted in properly-drained soil.

Banksia spinulosa or ‘hairpin banksia’

The plant, a small tree or large shrub with rich gold flowers, is a favourite of native wildlife. If prefers clay or sandy soil, and is happy in temperate or tropical climates.

Choose this plant if you are looking to screen your property for privacy and if you wish to attract native birds to your area. Prefers to be planted in well-drained soil that’s in a sunny position.

Camellia japonica ‘Black Tie’

This plant provides rich winter colouring for that shaded section of your garden that you like so much. This variant of camellia features flowers that bear a deep red shade that are located above glossy green foliage. This variant of camellia prefers cooler and shadier spots.

Choose this plant if you are looking to highlight a shaded spot or if you are looking to set up an organic privacy screen somewhere in your home. Aside from planting it in a partially shaded part of the garden, the plant needs to be set in soil that’s well-drained.

Clematis montana rubens

While admittedly a beautiful plant, what with its beautiful flowers that bloom in spring, this is one that will require a lot of space for you to truly enjoy them. This is because they grow fast and are considered as easy-going climbers.

It’s best planted in a large spot in your garden that’s sunny and open. It can be planted in any soil, although cool soil enables the plant to perform better. To keep the soil cool, it’s important to plant groundcovers at the plant base.

Hydrangea Jogasaki or fireworks hydrangea

This is a plant that’s known for its little star-like lacecap flowers whose colours can vary between pink and blue, depending on your soil pH. Go for this plant if you want a cottage garden, a woodland style garden, a mixed-bed  garden, or a garden that has large containers.

Being a hydrangea, it prefers partial shade, rich soil, as well as lots of water in dry periods.

Juniper ‘All Gold’

This plant is a gold-yellow groundcover conifer that should be used in cascading over rockeries and retaining walls, or as bonsai specimen. This works best as an accent plant.

Go for this particular plant if you have or are looking to build an oriental or Mediterranean style garden. It’s capable of tolerating many soil types as well as planting conditions such as alkaline soil and seaside. It must be planted in full sun in order to maximise the vibrancy of new growths. It prefers free draining soil that has lots of organic matter.