Fast-Growing Shrubs and Trees For a Garden With a Water Tank


If you have long wanted to build a new garden, or create some privacy in the garden, then quick-growing shrubs and trees may be incorporated into your area’s landscaping. And with so many species and varieties of quick-growing evergreen shrubs and trees that can be used to build a private area or screen in the garden, choosing can sometimes be difficult.


Fortunately, the following rundown of the best quick-growing shrubs and trees for a garden supported by a large rainwater tank should make it easy for you to choose quick-growing trees and shrubs.

Lily Pillies

Out of the many different plants of Australia, Lily Pillies are the highest regarded. This fast-growing plant sports dense foliage, is easy to shape and prune, and is quite tolerant to drought.

Evergreen Magnolias

There are three evergreen Magnolia variants that are known for being fast-growing plants, and these are Magnolia Kay Parris, Magnolia Teddy Bear, and Magnolia Little Gem. If you’ve considered growing any of these plants in your own garden, though, keep in mind their different growth rates, which depend on soil conditions and climate. In warmth, Magnolia Grandiflora cultivars and species grow faster, and thus can serve as a screen much earlier.

Michelia sp.

Michelia Doltsopa, Michelia yunnanensis, and other species and cultivars of Michelia also are considered excellent screening plants since they also grow quickly.


This is a Conifer that’s popularly used for screening.


Tough screening tree capable of handling a wide number of conditions.

Photina sp.

Photina species as well as cultivars like Photina x fraseri also are considered decent plant choices for a garden that’s supported by a rainwater storage tank, as they are known not only for being quick-growing, but also for having foliage that’s dense and attractive.

Pittosporum tenuifolium

This is a tall-growing screening shrub or small tree that can be easily pruned so that its shape can be maintained. It can grow beyond three metres in height in a period of five years depending on the cultivar and the conditions behind its growth.


This is another quick-growing shrub that’s known for its fragrant flowers, which bloom in spring. It’s a dense enough plant that does well as a screening for your garden.

Banksias, Backhousia, and Callistemons

These are three of the most well-known screening trees as they can grow fairly quickly.

Fraxinus griffithii

Aside from being a fast-growing plant, this particular species is also capable of tolerating drought. No wonder why it’s planted in so many gardens and parks.


Plants that don’t grow so fast but are great options for your garden


These may not be the fastest-growing flowers, but they provide excellent screening, thus making these plants worth the wait. Aside from providing good screening, they have amazing flowers and are easy to care for.

Prunus lusitanica

This plant isn’t like the plants mentioned above, as it’s a slow-growing plant. However, once it grows, it grows into a medium or large small tree or hedge.