Dab water pumps are known for robustness and they are designed oppose any kind of internal or external stress. Dab water pumps are reliable and have been designed to give high quality good performance.

Dab Pumps are known for manufacturing:

1. Circulators and in-line pumps
1.1 Wet rotor circulators
1.2 Electronic circulators
1.3 Circulators with spherical impellers
1.4 In-line pumps
1.5 In-line constant pressure pumps
2. Multi-stage self-priming and centrifugal pumps
2.1 Self-priming pumps
2.2 Multi-stage pumps
2.3 Horizontal multi-stage pumps
2.4 Active System
2.5 Active Driver
2.6 Inverter – driven pumps
2.7 Active driver and automatic units
2.8 Pumps for gardening
2.9 Deep suction pumps
2.10 Pumps for swimming pools
2.11 Pumps for swimming pools
2.12 System for exploiting rainwater
2.13 Automatic multi-impeller pumps
3. Centrifugal pump
3.1 Peripheral pumps
3.2 Horizontal shaft centrifugal pumps
3.3 Standardized centrifugal pumps
3.4 Electronic mono-bloc centrifugal pumps with coupling
3.5 Standardized centrifugal pumps to bare shaft and on bedplate
3.6 Standardized centrifugal pumps to bare shaft and on bedplate oversize
3.7 Multi-stage centrifugal pumps on a vertical axis
4. Submersible pumps
4.1 Submersible pumps
4.2 Drainage pumps
5. Submerged pumps and Submersible motors
5.1 Submerged pumps 5 inch
5.2 Submersible motors 4 inch
5.3 Submerged pumps 3 inch
5.4 Submerged pumps 4 inch
5.5 Submerged pumps 6 inch
5.6 Submersible motors 6 inch
5.7 Submersible motors 8 inch
5.8 Submersible motors 10 inch
5.9 Submersible motors 12 inch
6. Boosters sets
6.1 Domestic and civil
6.2 Civil and industrial
6.3 Units with active driver inverter
6.4 Units with inverter
6.5 Fire-fighting units to standards

So you see Dab pumps produces wide range of water pumps for various applications that includes pumps for bore-hole, domestic applications, water supply, drainage and sewage application, irrigation purpose, supplying water to swimming pools, rainwater harvesting systems, industrial applications, fire fighting and HVAC.

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