Corrosion Free Water Tank for Good Health


Corrosion is a natural occurrence of deteriorating metal that is caused by the environment. Rust is a common type of corrosion and it is frequently found on iron and steel constructions. This type of corrosion is caused when the iron reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide compounds.

Water is a vital part of everyone’s daily lives, it is a must to keep our water source clean. Things made of steel can be prone to rust, which means proper maintenance is needed. High levels of iron in water have harmful effects as well.

Health Effects 

Too much intake of iron in your body can cause health problems like stomach sickness, nausea, vomiting and more. There is also a higher chance of iron overload if your iron levels are too high. Iron overload can lead you to hemochromatosis, which eventually can develop into your liver, heart and pancreatic damage as well as diabetes.

Food and Drinks Effects

Iron makes any beverage taste bad due to its metallic taste and also the way your beverage looks like will be unpleasant. In addition, if you use this kind of water in preparing and making your food it will make your food dangerous for consumption.

Stains due to the iron content

You will have rusty kitchen utensils if you are washing your dishes with water having iron residue. The same thing when you are doing your laundry, it would make your clothes stain instead of having clean clothes. In addition, if you continue to use this rusted water in your bathroom, it will be counterproductive trying to clean it as it spreads rust and stains instead.

Pipes Clogging

The residue that builds up from the rusts of your pipe can block the flow of water in your pipes which can lead to clogged toilets and sinks; also it will decrease the water pressure you have at home.

Corrosion Control

You can get a high level of iron content in your water from a secluded water source like rainwater tanks, especially if it’s made of steel. It is common for steel rainwater tanks to have corrosion issues. Whenever you purchase steel rainwater tanks, keep in mind that it must have corrosion protection such as a polymer coating inside the tank to avoid rusting inside.

For the exterior of your steel rainwater tank, paint it with an ideal brand to withstand rust.  On top of that, always check on your water tank for any damages so you can immediately fix it before something worse will happen.