Water tanks are very important when it comes to water storage. They are especially crucial when there is a need to conserve water for irrigation, domestic use etc. When water is properly stored it can also be easily treated. Proper water storage is as important as the amount of rainfall. Anyone looking for water tanks in Canberra needs to be aware of the different types of tanks available to suit Canberra’s unique climate of hot dry summers and cold winters and to keep those beautiful gardens and streetscapes in Canberra in top condition! Canberra has an average of 636 mm of rainfall annually and marginally more rainfall in summer with an annual average of 72 days of rain. Canberra is also surrounded by rural properties who have different water storage needs to urban dwellers. This will help shape the individual’s decision making.

The three things to keep in mind when looking for water tanks in Canberra are purpose, size and material. Here is a closer look at these three factors.


When you consider what kind of water tank to buy, you must consider your purpose. Purpose is probably the most important factor in choosing a tank. You must consider what you want to do with your collected water and where it will be collected from. The purpose also greatly affects the size of tank needed, and the material as well. There are several different kinds of tanks, and you need to decide what kind is best for you. There are above ground tanks that come in round, or slimline. If buying steel tanks you may also be able to buy square tanks. Above ground tanks come in poly, steel (galvanised or stainless) or concrete. There are underground tanks that come in polyethylene or concrete. There are polyethylene under deck tanks, and PVC bladder tanks, also designed to go under decks, or even in an attic.


Water tanks come in different sizes and each of them serve different purposes. For example, large families will need a large tank. A large family in the city will probably need a smaller tank, however, than a similar sized family in a rural area. Smaller families on the other hand will need a medium or small sized tank. Certain activities may use much more water than others. It is best to try to buy the largest tank you can fit – it is better to have too much water tank capacity than too little.


Water tanks are made of different materials. The material a tank is made from is very important. If you want to buy a small sized tank, then you can buy one that is made of polyethylene or steel. If you are looking at buying a large tank, then you should be looking at ones made from polyethylene, concrete or steel. Due to its lightweight nature and affordability polyethylene is undoubtedly the best material for large water tanks up to 50,000. For anything bigger than that you would need to get a steel panel or made to measure concrete tank, which are available in sizes of 200,000+ litres.

When looking for where to purchase water tanks in Canberra you should try to only buy from accredited sellers. The seller should be able to answer your questions and offer advice, and try to find answers for you if they can’t give you an immediate answer to your question.