Steel rainwater tanks or corrugated iron rainwater tanks as they are commonly know are still a popular choice for several key reasons, mainly for aesthetic reasons, fire resistance and water storage quality as well as strength and durability. Common materials for steel rainwater tanks are galvanised iron, zincalume and stainless steel. All of these steel rainwater tanks, except for those made from stainless steel, are available in Colorbond colours.

Why choose a Steel water tank over Plastic?

Not only does it come down to traditional preference but steel rain water tanks are also chosen due to their amazing strength and stability. Steel rainwater tanks are renowned for their durability. They will not stretch or bulge when they are full; they hold the large forces generated by tonnes of water and they have been in used in Australia for more than 100 years, proving that these tanks have what it takes to last the distance. In addition, they will not deteriorate under the Australian sun or in our harsh outback conditions; making steel water tanks a practical and stylish decision for the modern buyer. In bushfire-prone areas of Australia, the inclusion of steel tanks is often a mandated condition of building approvals. Check with your local fire authority.

What are the benefits of steel tanks?

A steel rainwater tank is not only a traditional alternative to the more popular plastic rain water tanks, but it is also still a preferred option when selecting a water tank for storage of potable water around the home, especially in farming communities where they have been using steel rainwater tanks for decades. There are not too many farms in rural Australia that don’t have a steel rainwater tank.

Steel rainwater tanks can be supplied in many more height, width, diameter and length options than poly tanks which need to be made on a special mould. This gives the homeowner with more flexibility in being able to choose the biggest capacity tank for their available space. Steel tank size is only restricted by the size of steel sheets. They may be more expensive than poly tanks because of the price of steel and the fact that it is more labour-intensive to manufacture a steel rainwater tank, but this cost is offset by their durability. Colorbond roofs are a popular choice especially in rural areas and a steel tanks blends in perfectly as customers are able to match tank colour with roof colour so while steel (or galvanised iron) has long been the traditional choice of material for Australian water tanks, steel tanks complement the modern home equally well.

They are very stylish, they match well with other steel building products and come in the most modern and traditional Colorbond colours. Rainwater Tanks Direct can help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting your steel tanks.

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