Concrete rainwater tanks are usually used in rural situations and are common when large volumes of stored water are required. Concrete rainwater tanks are a good alternate to poly rainwater tanks and steel rainwater tanks in areas with a high risk of bush fire damage. Used in both domestic and commercial areas, developers and builders also use concrete tanks as key components of their residential and rural development storm water systems. Concrete rainwater tanks either come pre-fabricated or are formed and poured on site. If they are poured on site, they are usually poured into a steel reinforced mould. The form work is then removed and the concrete rainwater tank remains. If the tank is made to measure and delivered, it is usually delivered in parts and then joined with a water proof sealant.

Whether rural, residential or commercial, your rainwater storage tank must be practical and appealing to the eye. One of the most popular reasons for choosing a concrete rainwater tank is that you may not see it at all. Concrete rainwater tanks are used for above ground, in ground, retaining walls and under slab uses.

If you are on town water, a concrete rainwater tank will keep your garden green all year round, or top up that pool whenever you like in summer in the warmer months without having to comply with water restrictions. Concrete rainwater tanks are easy to install with little maintenance. Once they are installed, you can rest assured that you have invested in a good quality, environmentally friendly rainwater saving tank. Enjoy the freedom and the cost savings on your water bill when you install a concrete rainwater tank.

Concrete rainwater tanks are the chosen tank when used as a retaining wall, in commercial or large scale construction projects. With the option of decorating with paint or having garden beds grow around them, concrete rainwater tanks can make a nice visual addition to many gardens. It is usually recommended that you backfill to natural garden level once a concrete water tank has been installed. Also, gradual filling is recommended over a period of time to ensure that you tank settles and remains in place for a lifetime. Rainwater Tanks Direct supply concrete rainwater tanks Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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