Davey is a very well known Australian water pumps manufacturing company. The company is very conscious about the pumps that it is launching in the market and it is for this reason that all water pumps are thoroughly tested prior to the launch. Davey water pumps are made of high quality materials and through all phases of manufacturing the pumps are tested to ensure that they are operated properly.

Davey pumps have a very powerful design which is sufficient to perform tough tasks easily. These pumps have a long life and are therefore considered to be very reliable. Davey products have also gained importance as far as flood response is concerned. Davey pumps have been designed to work efficiently in situations like floods so that damage to property ad infrastructure can be avoided.

Pumping options offered by Davey include:

  1. Water Movers/Gushers
  2. Firefighter pumps
  3. Drainage Pumps
  4. Shallow well pumps

Water movers/gushers play a very important role in removing unwanted water in huge volumes. Davey has designed pumps with the capacity to move out up to thousand litres per minute. These water gushers are good for pumping out waste water as well, dirty water with some amount of solids can also be pumped out easily with the help of these pumps. These pumps are made up of good quality material which is corrosion resistant.

Fire fighting pumps on the other hand are good for applications that have wash down requirements. These pumps deliver water at high pressure which is sufficient to clean off the dirt as well. Davey fire fighter pumps offer different range of models right from 5.5hp to 13 hp. The drainage pumps are designed to pump out dirty water. These pumps are very robust in nature and with the help of these pumps large amount of dirty water can be easily pumped out of flooded basements and car parking. Davey shallow well pumps helps in pumping and moving water from water bodies such as rivers.

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